Newlyweds to Share With others the Blessings of Their Love. Pre-marriage Leader Worried.

A couple very much in some sort of love
Newly-weds can’t wait to start spreading their love

Devout newlyweds from Northampton have expressed their intention to let their love shine further than just to each other. Jane and Michael Coe were inspired by their pre-marriage course. ‘We were told that our love and marriage aren’t just for us but are there for the blessing of our community and the church’ said new hubbie, Michael.

‘It’s the power of the Sacrament.’ Added Jane enthusiastically. But friends of the couple have expressed their concern.

‘It sounds nice.’ Said an anonymous source. ‘But I’ve never known a couple as passive aggressive as them. Frankly they can keep that to themselves.’

‘They haven’t got a clue.’ Said one of the older pre-marriage course leaders. ‘If they share what they’ve got, they’ll unleash a tsunami of ‘pretending to be lovely’ on their friends. And if any of them hang around, they’ll be faced with attacks of ‘unleashed frustration’, ‘yawning chasms of despairing realisation’ and finally ‘unconcealed vindictiveness’.’

I’ve seen their type before, full marks for zeal but their self-awareness and knowledge of each other is breathtakingly absent.

‘Good luck to them, they’ll need it. As will we if it starts to leach out.’

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