Barnsley Catholic Right to Feel Self-Conscious at Charismatic Prayer Group.

David Briton, Barnsley Catholic and first-time charismatic
David Briton, Barnsley Catholic and first-time charismatic

Local catholic, David Briton, put his self-consciousness down to nerves during his first visit to his local charismatic prayer group. Only later did he discover that in reality everyone was actually watching him intently.

’I’d been told to expect things to be a bit different to rosary group but not to feel any pressure to join in. I was a bit nervous but went for a seat in the middle of the eight-strong crowd so I could blend in a bit.

’I got used to the arm waving pretty quickly as my wife is Italian,’ explained the sixty-year-old Barnsley Parishioner. ’The songs were good and people really went for it so I thought I’d join in and try raising my hands but when I did everyone went quiet.

’I put them down again and eventually thought I imagined it but when I did it again five minutes later someone took a photo of me! I wouldn’t have minded but what with the nerves and all I had a sweat on and big damp patches under my arms. I would have worn something different if I’d have known I’d be on the front page of the parish newsletter this week.’

’Jim, who brought me here, explained later that they didn’t get many new members. He told me that the hidden video camera wasn’t just for me, even though it was pointed in my direction. He said the Dictaphone he had in his pocket was just in case of spontaneous and miraculous tongues. I didn’t see any though.’

When asked if he’ll return, David said ’Oh ay. It’s not often I’m the centre of attention what with being married to my wife. I loved it. Apparently they’re all going to put their hands on me next time and with my wife that hasn’t happened for the longest time either.

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