Priest receives death threats after moving votive candle stand.

A Sheffield Priest has spoken for the first time of his terror after receiving an anonymous threat to his life. Just two days after re-locating the votive candle stand from under a statue of St Francis to under a statue of Mary, Fr Johann Von Rothenberg found the following note on his doorstep.

‘Give the candle stand back to St Francis or you will be knifed as you sleep’

A statue of the Mother of God with candles
A statue of Mary presiding over the candles

‘I daren’t be in the house alone’ said the petrified Presbyter. ‘I was going to move the flower arrangement a bit and shift the Paschal Candle to the other side but not now. I’m like a stranger in my own parish’

Nonagenarian parishioner Mable Dribblethwaite commented from behind her Zimmer frame ‘Well, it has been there since before the war. Fr Johann is a bit Marian for my tastes. If he makes us do the Angelus before Mass one more time I’ll knife him myself.’

The matter has been referred to local police.

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