Nottingham Priest loses concentration as plain chant slips into ‘Someone Like You’ by Adele

Some bark, a bible and a microphoneParishioners were left bemused as Fr Bill Mursell started serenading them with the words of the Mass but with the tune of Adele’s chart pop hit.

‘At first we didn’t notice,’ commented long-term parishioner Brian ‘but everyone’s feet started tapping along to the preface and we knew something was wrong. By the time we got to the alleluia we were loving it. It beats the usual stuff.’

But the pop-chant was not universally appreciated. Ninety four year old Maggie Bridlethorpe complained ‘I didn’t know the tune. Everyone was bopping around and I felt all left out. My hip would pop out if I tried that. It’s been a long time since my body’s been able to do what Sister Bernard was doing.’

Fr Bill was unrepentant ‘It started off as an accident but I’ve not experienced so many people singing and dancing in church since I moved to England. I’m going to go all Dire Straits on them next week. Can’t wait!’

When asked for a comment, Bishop in charge of Liturgy, Patrick Patrickson, declined but asked who was Adele and said he’d done the same thing with Dana once.

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